Oooooh! No Classes!

By the time I woke up, my friend sent a group message or gm that there are no classes and all that… I replied [is this serious???] and she replied the exact words our student government told in their site. So there I was, having the phone numbers of most of my classmates who are also always texting my other classmates too in which I don’t have the numbers. Thus, I sent forward the text message and tadah! I’m their messenger and reporter! There’s NO CLASSES! OH YEAH!

After sending all of those and replying to their replies if what I sent is true or serious, I went back to sleep. I just love to sleep in the morning. But I can’t sleep easily at night. I’m not nocturnal and all, don’t get me wrong. Ok. Maybe I’m a little bit. Whatever. But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want other people disturbing me at what I do so most of the time, I really do things late at night when my parents are already asleep. As a result, I get really sleepy when the sun is up. If around 10 or 11 AM I managed to wake up then eat then do the chores then not fall asleep again, then I will be awake until the evening. I’ll probably last until 1 in the midnight. But if didn’t do that, I’ll probably fall asleep at around 11:30 AM again then wake up around 2:30 PM or 3 in the afternoon then sleep again at around 3:30 PM then wake up at around 4:30 PM. I would last around 3:30 in the midnight. I sleep already by that time no matter if I could still push through or else my parents will wake up and find my still awake and not yet sleeping then I would get scolded. Unlike!

Yesterday, I slept early thinking that I would just wake up early because I’ll study and finish all that things I should have done during the midnight but since I’m really tired and fed up, I slept early so I hadn’t had the chance to do it at midnight. So I woke up really early today to see a text message on my phone saying there are no classes today. I confirmed it and yeah… no classes. Right. I was more on the happy side. After that, I slept again and woke up around 10. Then I did my everyday routine when there are no classes. Then the rest of the day, I’m at the front of my laptop. So here I am… blogging. I was thinking of doing the stuff I should be doing and I think I should finish it today. But I told myself nah! I’m too lazy to do it now. XD Even my friends told me to stop doing things first. They knew my situation yesterday and they too was concerned. They know I’ve been pushing myself so they’re also stopping me. Don’t worry my friends. As long as there’s a television or computer with internet (sometimes it’s just fine without internet but I prefer it to have one) or DVDs, I won’t be industrious enough to start those things. :D





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