Thinking of Quitting

Today is Monday. That means, my classes are until 5:30 PM. My dance classes always start around 4PM. The officers there understand if I go late for my classes don’t really end up on 4. So they let me be late and come by around 5:30. But today, I didn’t go.

I’m feeling so bad today. My head’s dizzy. My mind couldn’t focus. My body doesn’t have much energy. My heart’s low. Today has been a tiring day. And more so, I’m thinking of quitting the dance troupe. Why? For the same reason I didn’t attend. Actually, my head, my mind and my body being not in state is just a little factor of why I didn’t attend. I would go in the class even if I’m ill. It’s actually my heart… Don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any health problem with my heart. Actually, I’ve been down lately when the topic of conversation is about the dance troupe. In my first post this month, I’ve told you guys I have this inferiority complex. I don’t want to feel that way again. So to escape that, I just don’t go. And to completely escape that, I would like to quit. But my friend told me that I’ve already started it so why not finish it. She also asked me I wanted to be a part of the dance troupe and I told her I do. But I don’t really like the feeling of inferiority. It breaks me… Well, I guess I have to solve this thingy and then think of this… Anyways, I’m not yet sure if I should quit or not. I’ll think of that at any other time. Right now, I wanted to rest and sleep.





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