Five Stars to Three

I don’t know if I already told you about my father working for the president of our school. But yeah. He’s working for him. Not for doing something secret or something like that… It’s just the president of the hotel he’s working now is the same president of my university. And since my father’s working for him, I, his daughter and a student at the president’s university, was granted a scholarship. And that pays my full tuition. Sooooo yeah. He’s working for him and he’ll be staying as long as I’m studying at that school.

Anyways, that’s a little too far from what I would be posting today. But somehow, there’s a little bit of connection between them. Since whatever year I don’t remember anymore, we’ve been staying at the hotels my father work in every year. If not in the hotel he’s working in, it’s in other hotels that the hotel he’s working in gave a discount for us to stay at that hotel. It’s somehow like that. Usually, we stay during Christmas, or during semester break or during summer or whenever everyone in our family is available. And another usually, we’ve staying in five-star hotels. They’re complete with bath tub, things for the CR, bath robe, slippers, stuff, or anything that just proves they’re worth the five stars.

Today, for the sake of sharing, we stayed again at a hotel. This time, it’s The Bayleaf Hotel. It’s where my father is working in. It’s the property of president of my university. So yeah… we’re staying there. But as long as I’m thinking of how good that people are to me for giving me scholarship and all that, I really wanted to give them a good critique but I can’t. I don’t know if I’m just used to stay at a five star hotel that’s why Bayleaf seems so lacking for me. Bayleaf is just a three star hotel and that’s what I put in my mind. These things can’t be compared to those hotels I stayed at in the past. Those were five stars hotels and this one has only three stars. That means things are somehow lower in this stuff. But I wish, having a good reputation that they are the only hotel in Intramuros (I think), they improve. Besides, they’re still new in the industry so they have still have a looot to improve. Anyways, my simple mind would like to give these suggestions…
○ Give some slippers… It’s cold people! And the floor would be cold too! And they need it for going to the restroom too.
○ Put some bath robes… and more towels! There’s only one big towel there… Do you expect your customers to use only one towel? There’s more than one bed, meaning there’s more than one person using the shower too! There should be more towels… and bath robes.
○ Your toothbrush bristles are too hard… I used the ones they’re giving and it hurts my gums… Use something a little bit softer… even a little bit.
○ Put some water hose or whatever you could get/put water near the toilet… In the room we stayed, water source is a little bit far from the toilet. How can people do their thing when there’s no water? I know some people intend to use the toilet paper (is that term right or should it be tissue paper?) but not all of them knows how to do that or finds it still untidy to do just that. Remember, you’re in the Philippines. You placed you’re country in the Philippines. You’re staff are Filipinos. You’re main customers should be Filipinos. And Filipinos don’t use toilet paper when doing their thing! LOL!
○ TV volume could only reach until 14… I don’t know if this could be improved or this should be noticed but I think it’s lacking. There are times, I couldn’t hear what the show is saying… I don’t know if this could be improved since it’s already there, but I just want to say it.
○ It’s really noisy. I don’t know if it’s just because the parents of the kids outside don’t stop their kids from making all the noise or it’s because we’re in the kind of room that’s why it’s not that sound proof. I’m not saying each room should be sound proof but at least do something with those doors. At least do something so that those noises outside won’t get in and let everyone inside the room hear the noise outside that door.
○ I think that’s all I’ve noticed…

These things were not complaints and stuff. These were purely my suggestions for the betterment of the hotel I longingly support… :)





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