I was reading another manga, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. It’s said that Tsubasa is the continuation of the story in Card Captor Sakura. I think these two mangas are somehow related but they are not the continuation of the other. If you have read the manga of Card Captor Sakura, its story is quite different from Tsubasa. There are only few things that similar to the story of Tsubasa. Clamp, the author of both these mangas, used the same appearance and names of Sakura and Shaoran and people. But the story is different. But I like it anyways. And I like Tsubasa better because I could really appreciate Syaoran’s sacrifices for his love, Sakura.

I really admire Syaoran here. He does things just for the sake of Sakura, even though the price of it would be Sakura forgetting him. He still continued to do things and accomplish his mission because he loves Sakura. I was really touched by guy who does things the Syaoran way. I’m also amazed at the guys who were not afraid to cry then will just get stronger because of those tears (Syaoran did that too). I am amazed at how brave Syaoran is for Sakura. In short, he would be the ideal love of your life. Syaoran. How I wish I could meet someone who like Syaoran. When will a Syaoran come into my life?

Read it here…


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