Back to the Past, FAILED!

Some time ago, my professor in Sociology with Anthropology told my class that we will be having the evolution of fashion, fads, and crazes over time. That means, the fashion, dance and song hits and things that people went crazy for from the past to the present. My group was assigned to present the fashion, fads and crazes during 1970s. I would really prefer if I belong to the group that will present 2000 onwards. That would be a lot easier since it’s the present time. But 1970’s would just be fine. Dancing for that time wasn’t really that difficult since it is all disco and that’s easy. The problem is the members of my group, with the exception of me, were not the best choice. Their combination is impossible. In fact, I think my group is the worst group there is during that time. And I’m not wrong.

We were eight in each group. With the exemption of me, each of those seven was a problem for me. Three of the seven don’t practice at all. One of those three could get the steps fast so I’m not minding her really well. But when our presentation came, she forgot that all. One doesn’t really go at all. I just taught him stuff some hours before the actual presentation. He’s so lazy and can’t really follow steps really well. The last one goes to practice very seldom. And when she’s there, she’s not practicing at all. She just slacks off! Done with those super fail three. Next would be the one with super super suuuuper great with excuses. She went to very few practices and when she does, she shows her efforts. But, she has a lot of excuses. She says she’s this and that so can’t go to practice. And besides, I witnessed her before during our English recital. We just need to recite the poem our professor gave to us and she’s not even halfway through, her voice is shaking and seconds later, she backed out. I guess she has stage fright! So how could I expect her to give her best when performing if she’s like that! The next two is hard working and I guess tries hard. But they’re just not the one who would give me hope that all will be well because they are there. No. They are definitely not those. They attend practices. They dance when I tell them to dance. But they don’t remember a thing when I tell them to recall by the next practice. They still need me to dance along with them! I don’t think that’s right. It would not look good when performing because it will be obvious that they’re just copying! I don’t like that. The last one is the only one I depend on that will at least do things and gives his best efforts to do the thing. He does things for the group and it’s obvious to me. But he’s just not the dancer type of person. Like a plank of wood! I’m sorry but I think it’s just right. So…this group is an epic fail!

This performance is part of our prelim exams. Meaning, our score in our written prelim exams and our score here would be combined to get our final prelim grade. I think I did well on the written exams, as I always think and does. But this performance would make that effort all go down the drain. When we presented, it’s the most disappointing performance of my life. I’m the only one who is doing the thing and everyone are like puppets who were controlled by a string and is just following how I move. It’s an ugly sight even though I couldn’t watch it since I’m also dancing. I know it. I’m very aware of it! And I expect it. But it’s just so devastating. It really is.

I just wish my professor would give a higher grade compared to the ones my group mates had. I just wished she saw my efforts and give a better score than they have. I’m a grade-conscious person and I really wanted my final grade for my prelims be as high as it could get me. But this performance and project just made me doubt that it will be lower than what I wanted.





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