Talking to X

I have this ex-boyfriend, my third and last boyfriend I had as of now. He was my friend until we had a relationship. I was the one who broke up for the reason that the relationship gives me a hard time since we’re not legal. So that was when I was almost third year. So that was three years ago.

Since then, I wasn’t talking to him. In the first year, you could say I couldn’t move on and it’s kind of awkward for me to talk to him. But in the second and third year, it was me who walks way from him. Why? The thing is awkward and I don’t know what to tell him and I’m don’t have the courage to talk to him. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he’s my first every serious boyfriend that’s why it’s hard to bring back the old times since every time I’ll be approaching, I would always remember the past and stuff. I don’t. I just don’t know.

But the good thing is we already talked. He’s the one who first approached me in Facebook. We talked there and stuff and yeah. We could already talk. Then last Sunday, he went to church once more. It’s been long since he wasn’t able to attend at our church. So he went to church and yeah. I was the one who grabbed him and made him eat at our table (since our church had lunch). So yeah. We talked and I told him I miss him since it’s been three years that we didn’t talk. It was kind of awkward. Yes. But at least, I could tallk to him freely already! It’s an accomplishment to me. :D





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