Sister is Back

I know I haven’t told or posted anything about my sister recently. So I’m here to tell you about her disapperance and her appearance…

In the first week of June, she went home. My mother asked her if she already enrolled for the new semester. She told my mother she did and she only gave a downpayment for the payment. The following week, we can’t contact my sister. She’s not answering our calls but her phone is ringing. So we know that she’s just not answering our calls but she could see it. Of course, if she’s not answering our calls, moreover our text messages. Then we tried to contact her through Facebook but she’s not answering too. I know we shouldn’t be looking for her like this since she’s been gone for only a week, which not unusual. But her grades for the last semester came and her grades were LOOOOOW! I mean, she have five subjects. Three were dropped. One was on the verge of failing. One was in the middle, which is not good. So we looked for her.

The next week my father knew she didn’t really enrolled for that semester. So bam! She stopped her studies! My father tried to contact the company we knew she is working in but they didn’t really tell us about her yet at that time.

Then the following week, my parents gave her up. The money that is supposed to be her tuition fee was used for my insurance. And it seems that I’m the only child. If you think that fun because all the attention and effort was only given to me, you’re wrong. If you have the same parents I have right now, you would be pressured. I’m already good at school but I need to be better to fill up the disappointment they have with my sister. I love my sister so I’m making an effort for them not to be really really angry with her. So I’m doing that. Besides, I don’t like it because every time my parents (especially my mother) would “throw her tantrums” as I call it, it will only be thrown at me! Before I have this thought, I could endure it since in the weekends when my sister comes home, it’s her turn to be shouted at or things like that. But at that time, it is only me that was thrown at. I can’t think that there will be someone’s turn by the weekends because that someone will never come!

By the next week, I’m crying more and more. It’s this personality of mine that whenever things don’t turn out to be on my side, I feel like crying. And if I’m really alone, a tear would really go out of my eyes until I will really really cry and I do it silently. By some time in that week too, we had a contact with my sister. I’m the only one seeing her posts in her Facebook even though my father and mother were also her friends there, the contents were hidden for them. So I’m the one seeing her tweets that were connected to her Facebook. Once there was a tweet of hers where she told that she just watch Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman wasn’t really that amazing. I sent her a message in FB that it would be much more amazing than Amazing Spiderman if she went home. I don’t know if she got angry or just pissed on what I said but she replied that I should try to shut up. I got pissed by that and at the same time, funny.

Some time after that, it was my mother and her birthday. Their birthday were consecutive days. So my mother and father ate at the Buffet 101 where they could eat sooooo many food from different origins. Unexpectedly, my mother told me that my sister went there also and ate with them. I asked my mother if they asked her about her studies and her work and such. She told me she didn’t. She let my sister enjoy the lunch first.

By Saturday of the same week they had lunch together, my sister went home. It was a big relief for me. I’m back to having my favorite sister. I won’t be disappointed with her again since she’s back. And I’m back to hoping I’m not always the one thrown at but there would my sister too.

What is the big deal of my sister going back home? Except for those I already stated… I think it gave me my buddy back. You know when you’re a kid and you’re crying, you would run to your favorite grandma or uncle or aunt for they will defend you. It feels that way. Even though she may not be defending me from things, it good to feel that way. And I feel it with her. Besides, everyon needs someone they could really lean on except for their best best friends (since I don’t really have that, only best friends).





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