Not Seeing Boyfriend

Last Saturday, Boyfriend, my ever favorite and loved Kpop group, went here in the Philippines. They were guests and judges in the event Korean Culture Center lead. There were tickets and they’re free but they’re limited. I tried to join the contest in which they will be giving VIP tickets in the event but unfortunately, I didn’t win. So I went there in the Mall of Asia Centerstage where the event will happen. KCC told in their Facebook page that they will be giving two batch of tickets. In the first batch they will be ging 250. In the second batch, they said they will be giving 150. They also told in their rules that fans should not be lining up before 10 AM. But thing is, everything went wrong!!!

They broke their own rules. I din’t get a ticket and didn’t even see them. Even one of them! I’ve made my rants over Facebook and Tumblr already.

I’m really disappointed when I didn’t get a ticket and didn’t see them. I even cried. My sister bought tickets for the movie Batman and I was obliged to watch it since it’s my money that was used to buy tickets. So I went and watch. Even the movie was action and all, I was crying! I covered half of my face so that it won’t be that obvious I’m crying over an intense action and all those things in Batman.


One thought on “Not Seeing Boyfriend

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