No JLyrics for a while…

I really can’t post any JLyrics for now. I know I’m not really posting anything for the past few weeks but this time, I’ll be regular. I could tell you my everyday. But I couldn’t do JLyrics everyday. There’s a lot of MVs going out and it’s really hard for me to do it since I’m doing JLyrics in my computer and not in my laptop. What’s the relation of computer and laptop in me doing the JLyrics? I could blog in my laptop and computer since all I’m doing there is tell you things and stuff. I’m just typing and typing and typing. But in JLyrics, I need to use my computer since I need to screenshot the MVs and I need to save pictures and GIFs and videos. And I can’t do that in my laptop. The laptop is not actually mine but it’s as if it’s mine since most of the time, I’m the one using it. But I can’t fill up the memory space of the laptop with all those MVs and stuffs. It will slow the laptop down. So no. I can’t really do JLyrics with my laptop and only in my computer. So why not do it in my computer? The thing is, it is hard to do JLyrics without my mother seeing it since it’s on the computer only. My mother sometimes get glimpse of me in the computer and sees I’m only doing this and doing that. I’m not really doing my assignments and that’s what she only thing she wants me to do. That is not normal for me! I’m the person who loooooooves being available at aaaaall sites there is. I have Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Formspring, Asianfanfics, Wattpad, Tumblr, etc. So no. I can’t really focus on only doing my assignment when there is the internet free to use for other purposes too! So yeah. I just can’t do my JLyrics.

You could expect JLyrics for Boyfriend’s Love Style. I know it’s been sooooo long but I really want to do it. I’m currently trying to finish it. I’m not yet halfway finishing it but I really want to do it even though it’s late. Soooooo yeah!





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