It’s an Update!

Good evening! :) Or whatever time is it to you but right now, it’s evening here :D

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy and stuff. And I’ve been lazy to do it. When I feel like blogging, there’s no laptop or computer around. But when there is, I’m being lazy. So yeah. I’ve not been blogging lately. But let me update you guys…

First, I was accepted on my school’s dance troupe.
Second, my sister came back already.
Third, Boyfriend came here in the Philippines and I didn’t even had a glimpse of them. T.T
Fourth, I’ll not be posting (as if I’m posting anything) on my JLyrics for like a month or two. You could expect JLyrics for Boyfriend’s Love Style since I really wanted to do that. But nothing more, nothing less.
Fifth, I finally talked to my ex-boyfriend. :D Mind you, we didn’t talk for three years!
Sixth, I couldn’t think of anything anymore but let me tell you that I’ll be posting my stories in different posts. So click the first, second, third…





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