The last post I had in this blog would be me finding a good audition piece. But well…that wasn’t the one I used in my audition. I used the song Settle Down by Kimbra. I made my own choreography. The reason why I didn’t used it is because it seems quite far from how I dance. I mean, I could dance it. I’m even halfway finishing copying the choreo but I just don’t feel it. It’s not how I dance. If I fail in passing the auditions because I just copied it and it seems not right on me, I don’t who to blame. At least, if I made the choreography and I’m the one who chose the music, I could blame myself. There’s something to point at and that’s me.

Besides, I’ll be more confident dancing what I’m used and I’m good at. I don’t want to force myself doing something that’s not me. It’s an audition. It’s a risk. And there’s only two ways to go. To fail or to pass. That’s the only option. So I decided to do it at MY OWN RISK. So I used another song and made my own choreography.

And the risk paid off. I passed the dance troupe and I was doing well up until now. We were having trainings everday. I couldn’t really go on time it started since my classes ended up halfway the training or when the training ended already. The dance classes were held 4 PM to 7 PM. My classes either ended at5:30 or 7:00. So sometimes, I couldn’t attend at all. And beside that, there is only two of us that is not first year! LOL! Everyone thinks I’m still first year. Only few knew and it’s after I tell them I’m older than them.

So yeah! I got accepted and as of now, I’m really having fun in the family.


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