Found a Very Good Audition Piece!

As I’ve told some days ago, I will be auditioning for our school’s dance troupe. And some days ago or a day ago, I can’t really remember at the moment when did I find it but I found an audition piece! I’m biting it all and I know it’s not nice biting it but I really like it. But I don’t think it’s really biting since I’m using the same music the choreographer did and I’m not using it in another song. It’s just like having a cover. So yeah. I will be dancing Parachute by Cherry Cole. I looked for a dance routine in YouTube and found this! I really like it! It’s a little bit different from my style but I could go for it. I just wish I could really deliver it well. And wish me luck so that I’ll be accepted in the dance troupe! :D


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