Just Proud I’m Blogging

So we had a subject, it’s our first for the day, and it’s P.E. Admittedly, I’m no good in sports. The only active activity you could put me in is dancing. This post is nothing to do with me doing sports (as title obviously says it’s me blogging) or any likes. It’s me on our first meeting. So we met our professor and there she is. She looks kind and all. And by how she treated us and my first impression to her for our first class, she is kind.

We didn’t do any sport or activity. At every first meeting, our professors just orient us then some introductions. And that’s what we did. We introduced ourselves to her. We knew each other so she’s the one who we need to inform about us. She also told us that she wants to know us so that she could adjust on us. You know, teacher-student relationship. But anyways, I like it.

So many people were called and so was I. I introduced myself. My name, nickname, age, and where I’m from. She also told us to state our skill and I told her I like dancing. I’m supposed to say I’m a scholar but I forgot. Then this is my favorite part. She told us to tell our hobbies. This is one of things I like to talk about. I told her my hobbies. I like reading books, blogging and surfing the net. The thing she questioned was the “blogging” part. She asked me what are the things I blog. I told her my daily life. My classmates, who knew that I’m addicted to Kpop and knows that I’m a blogger and I blog about it, are saying “Kpop! Kpop!” so in addition to what I said, I told her it’s also about Kpop.

I don’t know if it’s weird or senseless for other people to whom I tell things I put in my blog, but I really like to talk about it. It’s one of the things that distinguishes me from others. It’s one of the things that could add up to what I like doing. I mean, if you ask them which social sites or whatever you call those sites they are in, I have more of their normal. And I like doing that.

And I’m glad I’m blogging. It’s freely telling the world your secrets and it makes your heart relax even though you’re announcing it to the whole word because it’s rare that someone you know would really read it. It’s just taking it out without making it really really out. Get it? I wish. So yeah. I’m proud I’m blogging.


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