Looking for My Audition Piece

Someone told someone who told someone again and again until it reaches me that there will be an audition for my school’s dance troupe. It’s been since last year that I wanted to join the dance troupe but there was some complications and I missed my chance. And now that I fixed the complications I had last time, I would like to go with another chance of auditioning in the dance troupe and be part of the group.

With that decision, I’m currently thinking of what genre will I choose to dance. My forte is interpretative but I could do hip-hop. If it’s interpretative, it’ll be easier to make steps and such but I’m worried that they will expect me to be jazzy and all. The group is hip-hop jazz and I’m anxious if they’ll put me one the jazzy side of the group. And part of me doesn’t like that. I want to be the one who’s good at both. If I will do hip-hop, I don’t know what music to use and steps will be hard to make because based from past experiences, I’m not good at choreographing this genre. And if I pursue it, I MAY not be accepted. Who doesn’t want to be accepted for the thing they auditioned in? So I’m torn between those two genre.

But since I think I’ll better go with the hip-hop, I’m looking for a song. And that’s another problem in me choosing hip-hop. I don’t know what to choose. I would prefer English song but the only music I know is those Korean songs. I don’t want to use Korean songs. Some people doesn’t think of it good or something. I don’t know. I just feel safer with the English song. So if you know a English song that is good for dancing, please tell me. And if there is a good choreo you found and there’s a vid, please tell me too. It’ll make my life a lot easier and I would really really thank you. :) And wish me luck!


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