I’m Really Back! No Backing Out.

Ok. I’m really really back. If you always check my blog (which I’m nearly very sure there’s none), you may have read the last post I had where I’m saying I’m back to blogging and such. But after some time, I withdrew the decision and deleted the post. This time, I won’t. Really. I would like to continue despite of me being so busy in school even though it’s only the first week. It’s just, I’m longing to do it. When I think of something or something special happened that day, I really would like to blog or talk about it. But I can’t. ‘Cause I’m on hiatus. But now, I won’t be. I’ll be really regular. I’ll try to do it how matter the length of it is. I really want to be back.

And oh! Boyfriend(one of my Kpop group bias)’s new MV is out. Time may have passed and I’m not supposed to do it but I will because I really like them. And for the other MVs that will be coming out, I will try my best to do JLyrics for it. I would like to do it even though I’ll only give the lyrics and no reviews. And as for says JL, I already have two topics ready to be discussed. If ever I’ll be having spare time apart from the time I’m doing Daily Me and JLyrics, I’ll do the says JL.

So! I hope I would gain readers and followers. But it’s fine. xD So see you in my next post!





By the way, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Especially to my Appa! :D


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