You’re Getting Fat!

To all the boys and boyfriends, don’t you ever let your mouth spit the words, “You’re getting fat!”

Don’t ever, as in ever in your life, tell a girl she’s getting fat. Well, you could at least say that to those who are thin for the rest of their lives but not to those average and more than average sized women. People, who were thin for all of their lives, has the goal “gain some weight” for their resolution or something to-do list. But for women who was born chubby or was just average, it’s always the “lose some weight” goal they put (which is like me).

Girls have their prides up. And saying such thing will hurt it and will make them hate you too. They are aware of that! They look in the mirror and see that for themselves. There is no need to point it out. It hurts them to see that their bellies are bulging out again or their face is getting round and they are very conscious of it whenever they would be dressing or something. So if you told them that they are getting fat, it’s just like pouring vinegar in a fresh wound. Sometimes girls will just agree but deep inside themselves, they are bitter and hates how fat they are.

Weight is one of the sensitive matters girls went to. So better not say it or talk about it. You won’t lie about it. You just won’t tell it. I know girls are sometimes confusing but it’s the way they are. It’s their weakness and it’s also their strength. So don’t say “You’re getting fat!” or call them “pig”. Instead, just shut your mouth about this matter and love them as they are. Got that, boys?


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