Long Lost Brother

Okay. My imagination is off again. My mind has been energized these past few days, don’t you think? But this time, the subject is much closer to reality. As in, much much closer.

Ok. I was wondering if I have a brother. You see, I only have a sister around. It’s not that I hate it but I just wonder what would Jan Laurice Bautista be if she had a brother instead of a sister. Why not have both? Actually, I do really have a brother. (See? It’s really closer to reality.) He was born June 30, 1990 and according to my mom, he died July 5 of the same month. From what I know lived three days but anyways, I wan’t there so let the info be as my mother said it. So yeah. I originally had a brother. I remember me asking my sister what if my brother lived. She told me she wouldn’t be the one living and I would still be born as it is. So me having the thought of having a brother is much closer to reality.

I’m just thinking what would I be situated in if I have a brother. Would be over protective of her sister but sis but just keeps it inside? Would they be always quarelling? Will I be fashion conscious like now (cause my sister a fashionista)? What would my personality be? Will he be smart too to reach UP (my sis goes there)? If so, will I became industrious because of his influence? Would he be strict with boys I’m going with? You get the point. I just think having a brother would be fairly fun. There would be someone who is like this and like that which a sister can’t be.

/sigh/ I wish I could just experience having a brother even for one day.


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