Love Fantasies

Here I am again. I am imagining things with my own made fantasies.

Ok. So recently, I was reading some fanfics about some Kpop artist. I’m a Kpop fan so yeah. I think reading those things is just normal for people like me. Anyways, the fanfic I was reading takes the reader as the main character and a male Kpop artist as her partner in the story. It’s just any other drama but this time it’s written or can only be read. Of course, because of all the wonders I am reading in and my very naughty mind, my imagination went on again. There was an evaluation on Kpop fans by some psychologists. I don’t really remember the whole thing but it’s just how I remember reading it. It said that us Kpop fans are creative in the sense that we could imagine things and all that. We tend to see love as like the fantasies and in the dramas and all that so it will be hard for us to be really contented on how our relationship settles until those fantasies happen but unless we love being in it. I can’t really remember all of it but that is what I could suck up from my memory. I want to add something to that, though. Looking at how I am as a Kpop fan, I could be creative and really imaginative about things (and that is a LOT) but I think there was this line that tells me that it’ll never happen and it’s only in my imagination and my life will never really get that drama I’m dreading for. But still, there was this hope that it will never happen even though it’s really a fact that it will never happen. Get it?

Anyways, as long as I know which one is real and which one is a fantasy, I think I’ll settle fine. But of course, there would be times I sincerely wish those fantasy becomes reality.


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