Last Day That I’m Free

These past week and days, I’ve been free. What do I mean by free? I was left alone at home. My parents are not around. I could do anything. No one will be nagging. Don’t you call that free? Well, I do!

Anyways, this would be my last day that I’ll be free. By tomorrow, my mother will be coming back. That means there would be someone around already at all times. My father would of course be at office but my mother is always there. She doesn’t work so she stays as the housewife. She’ll be back tomorrow from her province. She’ll be back which means I’m not free anymore. I’m not really restrained from doing things. I still have my own mind. But things will be a lot different already. These past few days, I could use the computer any time I want, however long it is. I can watch any DVD anytime I want. I could do the dishes anytime I want. Everything’s happening on when I want it to happen. But when she’s back, that means, I have to use the computer less (I mean really really less than what I’m doing right now and only after lunch until before dinner.), watch TV or DVD only when my mom wants the program or drama or movie, and wash the dishes always (three times a day, right after I eat.).

I would be really missing those times that I do these things. I hope this will happen again and this time in longer time. :D


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