What If…

My mind is really imaginative and all, you know? I imagine myself being in this situation and then I imagine what will happen next and next and next. But I don’t imagine magical stuff. I restrain my mind for thinking so. As long as possible I imagine things that are possible to happen and is close to reality. But I know those things are a little bit far from really happening. But at least it is almost in the side of reality. Not really those Harry Potter types where there would be a Hagrid crashing our door telling me I’m a wizard and I’m replying, “I’m a what?” That’s far far far far far from reality. Really far.

So recently, I’m been thinking… what if I’m adopted? Well, it just pops in my mind since I’m watching a new KDrama where the main character was adopted. Besides, when I was a kid, I was being teased by my sister and mother that I was adopted for I look like a Chinese when I was a kid so they are telling me that I was just exchanged in a Chinese hospital when I was in the room for the babies (I forgot what you call that). Anyways, I was thinking what if I’m adopted.

Actually, it was long when I gave a thought about it. If I’m adopted, I want it to happen like this. I would go home from school seeing someone who is talking with my mother. That person is very serious looking person if he’s a male. If it’s a female, a very kind face. Well, I prefer it to be a male. Then that person will ask, “Is she the one?” Then my recent mother will say yes then she will make me sit beside her. My mother will introduce that person then my mother will break it to me like, “He/She was sent by your real parents.” Then I’ll ask, “Real parents?” Then my mother will say, “Uhmmm… Jan (since they call me that) we just adopted you and now you’re real parents is getting you.” Then I’ll be just cool. I won’t break down or cry or something. Since I’m having this thoughts as of now, I think I’ll be prepared for it already when that happens. Then I will ask the person where are my real parents. Then that person will reply that they are still on their way since they are from other country. Then I’ll just wait for them to come.

After that, if they already came, I will ask them how did I become an orphan. I won’t ask them why did they give me away. That’s too rude. Besides, I don’t hate them for giving me to my present parents. I grew up well. And I don’t think they really like to gave me away. So anyways, whatever reason they’ll have, I’ll go. I want to have only my “real” mother. My “real” father is gone. Then my “real” mother gave me away because she can’t live me because my “real” father is already gone and she needs to give me away for me to have something to eat and live in. So she gave me away. Then she married a foreigner (I really prefer it to be a Korean XD) then that foreigner loved her so much that he helped her to find me and here she is! Then after settling everything, I will be leaving my present family and go to wherever she is living right now. Then my stepfather would have a real son which isn’t from my “real” mother. And he will be my stepbrother. Then that guy really doesn’t like my “real” mother leading to him hating me too. But I will still be kind to him ’cause I’m really like that. Then the story goes on and on.

LOL! Think of how I imagined all of that. Even the conversation thingy! Gah! Well, it’s all in my unreal world that was kept in my mind this whole time and I think will be staying there forever. But imagine that happening! COOOOL! xD


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