My Grades are OUT!

Yes, they are OUT!

I went to school today to get my grades. And no. I’m not nervous. I’m kind of above average smart. I’m not that really really smart but I’m smart. So I didn’t think that I would ever fail any of my subjects. However, I’m aiming for high grades. I mean, scholar high grades. Those grades that are ranging from 2 to 1, since the highest in our grading system is 1.00.

So yeah. I went to school and went to get my grades. There are three things we need to present before we can our grades: Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF), my I.D. and my final exam permit. I was getting each one out. Then I realized I left my permit at home! The heck! I couldn’t go home just to get that. It’s too far away. So I bought a new one. It’s possible. But I have to pay and all. It’s easy anyways but it doesn’t matter. But it delayed me from getting grades. I was so happy to have the duplicate already and went back immediately.

I presented to the attendees whatever was needed. And they gave me grades. And guess what? They are HIGH!

My average was 1.54. It was lower than the one I had last semester but my grades are better. Last semester, I had 2.00 meaning I could only avail partial scholarship for it. Partial Scholarship in our school means your tuition fee will be in half but we need to have grades no lower than 2.00 and average of 1.75 or up. Since I got 2.00, I only qualify for this. BUT! But now, I could avail the full scholarship. Meaning, no tuition fee which requires 1.75 and up grades and 1.5 and up average. And I got that. So this time, it’s better even though it’s lower. Everything is 1.something! :D

But never mind that. I don’t need those scholarship. I have my father working for the president of our school which means I could avail the Employment’s Discount which is the same as the full scholarship. But it’s better to know I passed the qualifications. It just mean I’m great! :D


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