Got my Gift

I got my gift! And you’re not seeing any pictures ’cause I only got my mp3 gift. And mind you, it’s a fake one. Actually, I asked it to be like this. I told my parents I only want something cheap and just mp3. Not mp4. Not iPhone. Not iPad. Not those. And I only asked for the mp3 player. Not the camera. So I’m sorry if you’re not seeing any photos of it as of now. Maybe some time, some day, I’ll post it when the time is right.

Actually I got it yesterday evening. My parents went to Divisoria. It’s a place where most vendors in many of the malls were either Chinese, Korean or other foreigners. And Filipinos? They sell in the streets and sold big time. It’s like a place where everything you see are vendors and stores. And sometimes, mall. But hey! That still has vendors and a lot of stores. Everything in Divisoria was cheaper than any other places. Well, I guess. Anyways, they bought it there so I’m suspecting it was really cheap. So I think I’m still going to demand for money as my gift for my birthday. I still have some friends to treat.

I’m going to make this short. I told them I’m going to shorten my computer time since I have this for entertainment already. So ADIOS!


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