I’m currently drowning myself. I’m drinking LOTS of water. As in LOTS!!! Well, according to a site I found, I need to drink lots of water. It does not only flush out toxins and suck, it makes me full too. Instead of having a snack that is sweet, I have water. Instead of eating a lot for dinner, I have water. Instead of craving for something, I have water. Actually, I just started hours ago since I only found it a while ago. And at first, I hate it. It tastes ECK! I’m used to drinking liquids that have taste like juice or something alike. So I hated the taste at first. But later on, I was used to it and is fine taking it. Indeed, I think it helps. Thinking about it, I could fill the required 8 glasses of water everyday. Then I could be full and not eat many. I really like it. The site also told that there is no calories in water. FYEAH! How could pure water have calorie in it? Seriously!

I just ate and I only ate few! Thanks to the water I’m super full and only ate few. I need to have my proper diet you know. I’m getting fat. So farewell! I still need to drink my water! xD


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