Three Days Busy

I have been away for three days, right? These past three days, I can’t really do long hours in front of the computer. Thinking of it, it amazes me that I could handle such thing. I mean, at times, I couldn’t last a day without checking on my sites long enough. But during these three days, maybe I was so tired to stay in front of the computer for so long.

That’s me in the concert! Got a problem?!

Okay. So here it what happened.

Thursday. I’ve been available in the morning but I was so occupied in reading One Piece. I could have done it in the afternoon but I couldn’t. I have a schedule of exams by 4:30 PM so I need to prepare to go to school by around 1:30. I finished my exam by around 5:30 in the evening and was able to left school by 6:30. I was still supposed to eat with my friends in a fast food chain. It’s our last day after all. But I wasn’t able to go. They went first and I waited for someone. I need to get something from that person. Then when the vehicle I was riding passed the fast food chain I was supposed to come to, my friends texted me to follow. But I can’t. So when I came to Trece Martirez, I went shopping for accessories. This is for the dance concert I attended yesterday Saturday. So I spent almost 500 pesos just for accessories. I came how around 7:30. I was so tired I could do is eat, fix myself up, and sleep.

Friday. I practiced all day. Actually, it’s not all day. By 8:00 AM, I went to our town proper. I bought stockings, and that’s for the dance concert too. Then I went to a photocopy shop. I need to photocopy the accomplishment report made and ring bind it. My mother took it in the afternoon. I was busy all day practicing for the concert the next day. I got home around 9 or 10 in the evening. Again, I was so tired to do the blogging.


Saturday. It was the concert day! It’s in the evening so I made other things in the morning. I told my group in the concert that I would be going in my university (’cause the concert was on my high school) first before going in the practice. But I told them later on that I would be going in the practice first so that when I go to the university, the person I will be giving the report to will surely be there. So I went to the university first. I was so pissed cause I prioritized them but still, they’re super late! They should have just told me they’ll be late. By then, I could have just used the time to go the university! I left my high school by 10 AM and arrived at my university by around 11. I immediately left after doing my business and came home by 12 in the afternoon. One of my groupmates told me we need to go back by 2 so I left for around 1:30 in the afternoon. I came there and no one’s there yet. So I stayed up there, excited. By 4:00, I was already prepared, dressed up and ready to fight! Gah! I was sexy! xD Seriously, everyone’s telling me I’m sexy by that time, and I am! FYEAH! xD So the actual concert only started by 8:00 PM and ended around 10:00 in the evening. I came home guarded by four of my former classmates as if they are my body guard. I’m grateful to this guys. Anyways, I cam home for around 11:00 and was asleep by 12. I’m so tired I couldn’t eat anymore.

Anyways, I was happy these past three days. Everything’s been so well and I know God helped me all through out this days. HE’S THE BEST EVER!!!


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