Excited for Summer Vacation

As you all know, I’m a college student. And by this time around, many universities are starting their summer vacations already. And our university? We’re still having our finals exams. Almost all of my friends out of my university is already sending group messages saying how at last it’s their vacation. Oh come on, people! Please don’t go envying other people of your early vacation. You’re very well informed we’re still not. But I didn’t go telling them that. Am I insane to do that? Na-uh!

Anyways, tomorrow is my last day of finals. One subject left to take. It’s math. I’m not boasting but… Okay. Maybe I am boasting. But only a little. I don’t study math but I still get high grades. I mean I like math. That’s why I don’t study it. I’m good at it. Maybe people hates this numbers and formulas and stuff, but I like it. Sometime I even wonder why people are having hard time getting or understanding it. Math is simple. You just need to follow what’s on the formula and turn it upside down. It’s easy. Yeah. I’m boasting big time! xD LOL! But I’m still be scanning my notes for math. It’s the finals, for my professor’s sake! We’re talking about the whole book we studied for the whole semester. But I’m just gonna scan it. No more, no less.

Going back to my excitement for the summer vacation, I only have one day left of going to school. I’m not really excited for the fact that there won’t be school for the next two months. I don’t like staying at our house doing nothing. I could go in front of the computer and do things but I can’t do that all the time. My mother is gonna kick me out of our house if I use the computer 24/7. Definitely. I’m just excited because my birthday is in summer. And for almost half a month, my mother will be going somewhere to fix something. And everyday except Sunday, my father is working and going to the office. And my sis is having her OJT these summer. So that means,Β I’M FREAKING ALONE AT OUR HOUSE!!! Oh yeah! I could do anything I like to do. I’m not doing anything naughty or silly. I’m a good girl. It’s just, no one will be telling me to stop. No one will be saying “do this” and “do that”. I’m ON MY OWN!!! And that’s FYEAH!!!

Even in my birthday, I’ll be alone here. My plans? I’ll be going to the salon, alone. I’ll cut my hair short. Shoulder-short. My hair right now is hips-long. And I’m gonna cut it. No one can stop me. Then I’ll be buying a small chocolate cake. The chocolatiest cake there could be in the store. Something like Triple Chocolate Cake or Choco Chocolate Cake. Anything as long as it’s super chocolaty! Then I’ll buy a gallon of ice cream. And I’m gonna eat all of those ALONE!!! For once in my life, I would like to do those things and now I have the chance to do it. I’m gonna go for it!

So! One day left and it’s PARTY TIME!!!


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