I’m A Loner

To tease everyone up, I would like you to watch or listen to this MV.

Actually, it has no relevance to what I am to tell you except that of the title. I didn’t understand whatever CN Blue sang. All I cared for in this post is the title.

I’m a loner. I admit that. I don’t hate having my friends and family around me. I like it, actually. It’s just that I like being alone better. I know I have friends and family to run to whenever I’m done for being such a loner. So I’m not afraid to be alone. I don’t care for whatever people thinks or see when I’m alone. I just don’t.

One of my friends has told us she doesn’t like to be alone. Going in the mall, eating at the canteen, walking around school, sitting somewhere. Another friend agreed to her. They said they look like poor little things who goes alone sitting there and doing things alone. I didn’t talk. I didn’t comment. I’m a natural loner. But I don’t know why I don’t want to tell them but I can’t bear to tell them I’m a loner. But if they would ask, it’s okay to tell them. I won’t tell them unless they ask.

When I was a kid, I tend to do things alone. I play with my toys alone. I watch cartoons alone. I don’t go out socializing with other kids. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m used and fine with being alone. I just stayed home most of the time. I only watch the tv or play with my dolls. And I do it all alone.

But being alone has somehow advantages to me. Every person or friend I would have that will really be close to me, I would very much thankful for them. Every favor they would do to me means a lot for me. Even though for some those favors are just normal to friends, not for me. I’m the kind of person who does everything for someone but won’t let that person do anything for me. Get the point? What comes to my mind is that if they do something for me, they would just be burdened or things like that. So my friends are valuable for me.

I just hope that me being alone won’t make me vulnerable to being crazy. XP


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