Too Busy to Do That

Today, I have these things in my mind that really gives me stress. I need to do these things that I can’t do other things. Actually, I’m having my final exams starting tomorrow so that means I should be studying. And I’ll do that now. For now, I’m here to explain to you things. Things that I should be doing for these blog, for myself, for others, but I’m not doing it. Why? ‘Cause I have to do other things. What are those? Let me tell you.’

First, Core Contents Media, the company of T-ara, produced another boy group. It’s name is BtoB, which means Born to Beat. Now, released the news today that their MV is out. I sincerely wanted to make JLyrics for them today but can’t. I have to study. I have to read a 40-page boring book. I have to review for my math exam. I have to finish an dumb accomplishment report. I have to do many things. So I can’t do that. I’m too busy to make JLyrics for that. If you have read or seen my JLyrics before, you would know it’s a long job. And I’m too busy, too busy.

Second, FUDGE! While I’m writing this, I checked on my FB. And FUDGE! SHINee’s Sherlock MV was out! FUDGE! Now that is a big hit! I sincerely wanted to make JLyrics for that! FUDGE! I’ll make that some time. I’ll make that. Definitely need to make that. I need to do that. But not now. Maybe on Sunday. I think.

Third, if there is something wrong with this post, please bear with it. You know, I’m extremely in hurry writing this post. I told myself I’ll not be writing any post today. But I found out that BtoB released a MV. So I write already just to say that I’m sorry I miss making MV review for that. And of course, include SHINee’s Sherlock. T.T

Fourth, I am to fix my room. It’s not that messed up but it’s kind of. And if my mother would ever go in here, she would nag me all through out the day. But I won’t fix it cause I have to make this post instead of that. :D

Fifth, I am to make reviewers and study for ALL of my subjects but can’t. Instead, I’ll just study on few. Me and my mother went to the market and she made me come saying that there is a possibility that the bank would be open and I would make an account. But the bank is close so there is no sense of coming anymore. But still she wants me to come. So I came, as if I have a choice. So we stayed there in the house of our churchmate who is living near the market for hours. So instead of me starting to do things, I can’t cause I’m still there. So I started late and so delayed in schedule. So the time I have now would only suffice few subjects.

I’m busy. Super busy. So I’m saying sorry for not making the JLyrics for BtoB and SHINee. I’m sorry. I’ll try to make it on Sunday. I just hope there won’t be another MV released cause my mind will explode already by that time. So SHOOT!


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