Ga-In (가인) : For You Not To Know

Ga-In’s For You Not To Know is from Yoon Il Sang’s “21st Anniversary Album” released last March 20. 


Actually, these MV doesn’t have any teaser. The only news that went out about it before the release of the MV was that producer-composer Yoon Il Sang is working with Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In to remake As One’s version.

As One’s For You Not To Know was released at 1999 featuring it’s members Crystal Chae and Minyoung Lee from their first album Day by Day.

Instead of having reviews about the teaser, which is non-existing, I’ll have a little review about As One’s MV of For You Not To Know. So the story in the MV goes like this. There are two girls. Let’s name them G1 and G2. And there’s a single guy. Let’s name him…well…guy. So the guy has a relationship with G1. Now it seems that he didn’t really wanted the relationship but still went on. But they fought. And the guy met G2 and they had these (I’m sorry for the criticism) “really bad acting” love scene. G1 tried to call the guy but G2 stopped him from taking the call and they continued whatever they are doing. Now, G1 was so depressed so she went to the club and drank to the fullest and drove. And guess what? Right! She had an accident. And she died! She died being so depressed of the guy and the guy doesn’t even think of him. It’s a sad one.

Since it’s from the old times, without even seeing the video, you would know that it’s an old one. If you are used to listening to KPop songs, it would be a little evident that it’s old. Anyways, if you use this music in a drama, it would perfectly fit what the MV shows. I don’t understand the lyrics at first hear so I’m basing this on what I feel listening to the singer and the music.

Music Anticipation

The music is perfect for what is in the music video. When you hear the dramatic piano playing, I picture a person walking that is out of his mind. Why? Because someone died or lost. He is walking on the streets and he bumps people but still he doesn’t care. Then there will a shift of scene. He is now on a club or somewhere he could drink up alone. He doesn’t want to cry but tears flow through his eyes. Then he will be in the side of the Han River watching it. He could remember the times that he and her girlfriend went there and used petty fireworks and play around. He went on his knees and cried.

Great, isn’t it? I’m so great at imagining. I imagined all that without even understanding the lyrics? Oh yeah. Well personally, I think it’ll be a lot easier to anticipate the background music when you’re not Korean and you don’t know what the lyrics mean. So yeah. I’m feeling it! :D

Story Review

This version of the MV is better in my opinion. Here is what happens…

Again, there are two girls…ladies, actually. Let’s name them the innocent and the sexy. Yes. That’s their names for me. The innocent girl seems so nice but sad. The sexy girl, well…she is the one who did the love scene with the guy. And yes! There’s a guy too! And he and the sexy have a love scene on bed! O.o

Let’s go on with the story…

So there is this girl sitting on a beautiful black chair and feeling so lonely.

So she walks around the house. It seems that she is reminiscing the past and she is really really sad. It seems that the one who she is reminiscing is already gone and again, she is really really sad.

She remembers her boyfriend that she is serving. And it makes her, guess what? SAD! :D

Then she found this picture frame that is facing down. She is terrified. She wants to look at the photo but she is afraid.

She then had the courage to face it up and be prepared for what she saw… NOTHING!

But still she is sad. Maybe because she is expecting it to have the photos of her and her boyfriend. It seems that she still wants their relationship to be remembered.

Then she found out that the rest of the picture frames don’t have their photos in it too. Their relationship is no longer being remembered.

She found a book. Maybe it’s a diary. But I think, it’s just a book. She reads it and maybe in that book, she has a wonderful memory with the guy.

She cries over it. She is very much hurt.

She still loves him. Until now, she serves for him. She fixed his bed.

She also remembers how her boyfriend used to sit on that black chair.

But the sexy girl appeared on the scene. And they went to a room.

And the innocent saw them. And the man looked back. I want to say to that man, “Hey! You already saw your girl seeing you with another bitch (sorry for the word) then you still continue? Are you fudging insane?” But no. He’s not insane. You just have to wait and finish the MV for you to understand.

She is seeing them do it and she very hurt. I don’t want to show you the pictures of their love scene…it’s not that censored thing but I don’t think it’s nice to do so.

She broke the mirror cause she could clearly saw it using that. So she broke it. But she took a piece and seldom looks at them then looks at herself, seeing a horrible woman crying.

Then the sexy girl pushes down the picture of the innocent and the guy.

Then the guy realized what he is doing. And he started to cry. I don’t know why the sexy girl cried too, but she cried. And of course, the innocent girl is crying too.

Then the guy went out of the room. She looks straight at the innocent girl. He walks…

And he just went through the innocent girl.

Then the girl shed a tear. And it became blood on where it dropped. The guy saw the blood and looked back. WTF?! He thought that his girlfriend was there!



mut ji a nat da myon kut ne mo lat da myon

gu nyang do ra so bo ryot da myon

na rul no a ju don no ye gu ma u mul

mo run chok sa ra sul ten de

a ra sa rang ul de shin hal to da run i yu ro nol da shi cha jul ka ba

ne ge ja kun mu o tan na do nam gi ji a nat dan gol

no mu ku ri wo do man i him du ro do

hon ja gyon dyo ya man ha get ji

nu jun hu we du lo ji chin nun mul ka ji ne gen ham gil sun ob sul te ni

no ye gi o ge ga chin na nal du rul no ma nun mo ru gil ba ral pun

a ra no mu do ik suk han no ye ge da shi nun gi del su op da nun gol

a jik na mun mi ryon ma jo do bo ryo ya han da nun gol

no mu ku ri wo do man i him du ro do

hon ja gyon dyo ya man ha get ji

nu jun hu we du lo ji chin nun mul ka ji ne gen ham gil sun ob sul te ni

no ye i ru me me chin a pum du rul no ma nun mo ru gil ba ral pun

mut ji a nat da myon kut ne mo lat da myon

no mu gu ri wo do ma ni him du ro do

mut ji a nat da myon kut ne mo lat da myon


If you didn’t ask,

If I ended up never knowing

If you just turned away

Then I would’ve lived pretending not to know how you felt about letting me go

I know that in case I go back to you with a reason other than love,

You dindn’t leave even a single, small thing of mine

Though I miss you so much, though it’s so hard

I need to withstand it alone

Because I can’t let late regrets and exhausted tears remain in me.

I only hope that you won’t know the days trapped inside your memories

I know that I can’t ever lean on you, whom I’ve grown so used to…again.

I know that I need to throw away any remaining lingering attachments

Though I miss you so much, thought it’s so hard

I need to withstand it alone

Because I can’t let late regrets and exhausted tears remain in me

I only hope that you won’t know the days trapped inside your memories

If you didn’t ask if I ended up never knowing

Though I miss you so much, though it’ so hard

If you didn’t ask, if I ended up never knowing


Romanized: MusiceLyrics

English: XanXhi5 (youtube)


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