Good Kid

I’m a good kid. I really am. I’m not joking. I really am a good kid.

Compared to other kids, I mean teenagers, I’m a good kid. I don’t go out without my parent’s permission. I don’t fight others. I don’t drink alcoholic drinks except for red wine. It’s don’t say that it’s just perfectly fine if I’m not yet home by 8 or 9 in the evening. I just stay home and do anything I could do as long as it is inside home. I study well. In fact, my grades are high. I don’t ask for extra allowance. I don’t skip class, except for the time that I did it for I really hate my professor. I don’t raise my middle finger, if you know what I mean. I don’t do sex. I think it’s normal for a teenager to do it at this generation and it’s perfectly fine in other countries. But I definitely I don’t do it. I DON’T! I’m a normal teenager but just a little better.

I realized that when I entered college. And it popped in my mind today ’cause me and my friends talked about our pasts experience in high school and elementary today and I could really say, “Hey! I’m nice. I’m a good kid. That’s a nice thing to know.”

I’m not saying that my friends are bad and I’m the nicest person in the group. Nope. I’m not saying that. Well, partly. They’re not as bad as you think. They are really kind. They just did something a little bit not nice in some parts of their life. And it’s just fine with them to share those embarrassing parts of them.

Anyways, seeing how I am right now, I am thankful to my parents. I’m somehow obedient, and kind and I don’t rebel. Sometimes when I thought of how nice I am compared to other kids, I wonder how I will make my child to be like this too. I mean, I want my kid to be kind and obedient and God-fearing and all that. I wonder how my parents did it and I wish I could do it just the way they did it to me. I’m futuristic so at this point in time, I’m already thinking of it. (I even save money for my wedding day and burial and wake and all that death expenses.)

I’m a good kid. I swear. Are you?


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