Urge of the Spirit of Laziness

Have you ever felt that you’re being so stressed out of your assignments and projects but still too occupied on think how to do and start doing these things? Have you ever experienced to just stare at your computer monitor with your Facebook page open and do nothing even though you know you have loads to do? Have you ever thought of not doing your project or assignment today and just do it tomorrow even though you know you don’t have the fudging time tomorrow? You, my friend, were urged by the Spirit of Laziness!

Nah! Just kidding. I just want someone or something to point at for the reason of my laziness. O.O

Well, I have so much to do but I don’t really wanna do it. I mean, I hate these jobs so why should I do it? Well, Jan Laurice Bautista that is because you have to! Gah! I hate it. Sorry for the monologue.

Anyways, I have an evaluation form to answer, an accomplishment report to make, nine subjects to study and review, three body systems to memorize, a messed up room to fix, a tweetserye to prepare for and many many more! SEE! I have LOADS to do! But what am I doing at this point? Blogging! Or using my twitter or facebook or asianfanfics! Nice right? That’s lazy! xD

I just don’t feeling doing it. Look. If you hate the person who’s making you do it, would you still like to make it? Don’t think so. Anyways, I still have to do it. And I have to finish some of those today. Like three hours after this post is made. Yeah. I had all day and I didn’t make these things. Hey! I did other things. I did a reviewer for one of my subjects. I made my assignment in Biology. I fixed the papers needed for the accomplishment report I’m gonna do later. See. I started some already.

I need to start doing it so gotta say bye! : )


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