Just for that?

Actually, I’m here at our school’s library right now. I don’t have any classes for today but I’m here at my school. Why? My “adviser” told me to go here to explain things to the class presidents of his classes. The heck! Am I your assistant? Nu-uh!

We had this activity in one subject that we went to a place to plant and fix things up. Now, the adviser of the department that was holding the subject told our professor that we need to have a report on it. Last Tuesday, I went to that person to ask for the soft copy of whatever needs to be done since they like it computerized. Then that person explained to me everything. Now, my professor wants me to go here today so that I could explain it to whoever the class president of whatever class he’ll have. I don’t like it. Make that class president go to that adviser! Why make me explain everything? Why am I responsible for getting the soft copy for all of your class when they can go to that adviser? Seriously, I AM NOT YOUR ASSISTANT! Make them go there by themselves. Why do I have to do it when they are also like me who is the class president of the class! I just don’t like it.

It’s ok for me to be here at school. I just don’t like what I am doing here right now. I don’t like to stay home since all I’ll do is sit in front of the computer surfing the net and listening to my mother’s nagging to stop using the computer. But I would prefer that than be the “assistant” of my professor.

So I called earlier that the professor I’m referring to is our “adviser”. That is because he’s really not. Just acting one. We have our former adviser and she is our English teacher. Well, she left because she had an operation and wouldn’t be able to handle us. So the college department head gave us to this professor. It’s not that I hate this professor (Well, a little.). It’s just that I don’t like the way he thinks, he speaks, he teaches. It’s all… I don’t the right term. Maybe, boastful. That must be it. AND I DON’T LIKE IT.

I was from there and when his class was done, he asked me where I will stay. He offered me to go with him in his 10:00 to 11:30 class, thinking that I’ll be bored. No, I’m not! I decided to go here in the library instead of going with him in another one and a half hour. I hate talking to him. I’m being plastic! And later at 1:00 PM, he’ll be texting me again where to go to explain again to his class what to do in the report. FUDGE!


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