My mind is freaking empty right now. I can’t think of anything to talk about this post. I may not continue this if I’d like to. But I don’t want it. It has been weeks since I last posted. And I want to continue doing it again. Besides, I announced yesterday in Twitter that I would be blogging again by today. So I should do that. It’s not that I have readers in my blog that is following me in Twitter (Well, there isn’t right?). It’s just my friends already read and saw it. That means they’ll be really expecting me to do so. They’re not my readers and they don’t know the url of my blogs so they wouldn’t have the chance. But it’s just in my profile, always stated in there, and they don’t really go there so they wouldn’t have the chance to know it actually. It’s not that I don’t want to have readers. It’s just whatever I put in here is whatever I couldn’t say or express to them. So my blogs are almost like my diary. My secret diary.

So in this post, I’ll have my mind just keep on going on whatever topic that will pop on my mind. Starting now…

Well, my mind is really empty. I can’t think of anything. Right now, I’m sitting in the old chair that my mother got from one of our neighbours. They gave it to us since it’ll have no use anymore. The one using it already died. (It’s not creepy. I don’t believe in such things as ghost of your love ones.) So in short, we got it. And yeah. I’m sitting on it right at this very moment thinking of something that I could use as my topic in this post.

Empty. Empty. Empty. Empty. My mind is really empty. Fine. I surrender. I won’t continue on thinking. MY MIND IS FREAKING EMPTY ON WHAT TO PUT HERE. So I’ll just put an end on this.



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