Hardest Decision You Could Make

Ok. This has been bugging my mind since yesterday. And you know what happened yesterday right? Well, in case that you didn’t know, Imma tell you one more time.

We went to a seminar in Manila and it talked about things that we need to talk about. Done. Nah. Just kidding. We talked about several things. We can choose from the topics “Criminal Liabilities of Individuals with Mental Illness” (which I took), “Hand Writing Analysis” (which I think will be a better topic), “Exploring Psycho Trauma” (which I think are for those who sees themselves as a Guidance Counselor in the future), and “Sports Psychology” (where none from our group took up).

So back with what bugs my mind. Here’s the story. I am currently first year college taking up  BS Psychology in the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite. When I was a kid, every time people will ask me what course will I take, I constantly answer, “BS Education”. Until before college, my first choice would always be “BS Education”. It was only when I’m already finalizing my decision on what to take in college did my sister say that I won’t get a big fortune ahead. She told me that my intelligence will be wasted if I take the said course. So she suggested me to take BS Psychology. When I was deciding on what to put on my first and second choice of courses when I signed up for entrance exams in LPU-Cav, I was choosing from BS Education and BS Psychology. BS Education is major in English. For your info, the only subject I’m willing to take is Math. So in short, I don’t like English. But still I put it as my first choice. And obviously I had BS Psychology as my second choice. When I’m already enrolling, I decided to take up BS Psychology since I don’t like English. So yeah. In the end, I took up BS Psychology.

BUT! The problem is not yet there. My problem is “Do I really want this freaking course?” I mean, I don’t hate it. But I don’t like it too. And when you tell me to shift into another course and tell me to shift into BS Education, I’m sorry. When I’m thinking of it now, I don’t like it anymore. But I don’t hate it.  Making this decision is difficult to do. It will predict what my future job will be. It could possibly tell what my future life could be. So it’s freaking HARD!


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