I’m a Criminal!

Oh yes! I’m a criminal! I did things prohibited by the law…

Nah! Just kidding. I’m not a serious criminal. I’m just a petty criminal. How did I become one? Well, look at the definition. Criminal. Someone who commits a crime. Crime. An act that is prohibited by the law. I throw things anywhere. That’s prohibited by the law. No littering! I jaywalk. Hey! There’s no traffic enforcer! I lie to my parents. Does that even count in legal laws?

How did I freaking came up with being a criminal? Well, the truth is I went to a seminar. This seminar was held in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila. And the topic I chose to attend in was “Criminal Liabilities of Individuals with Mental Illness”. It talks about how a person with mental problems could do a crime. And it also mentions how people who do crime makes an excuse of having a mental problem for them to be exempted in the law. It’s amazing actually. It’s like you’re going on a lesson for a person to be like Detective Conan or Sherlocke Homes. (Is the spelling correct?) It came to me as if we study people to know who is the criminal and what kind of people are they.

It’s cool, actually. But it’s somehow boring. The speaker just reads and reads and reads. I wish he could just share some more experience during the lecture. He just did the real talking after the discussion. I mean, I almost slept! Anyways, it just made me think of things. It made me think if this is the course that I really like. It made me realize that I have so many decisions that I’m not really sure if I wanted it.  And until now, I’m still confused. I just wish I could make up my mind.


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