K.will (케이윌) : I Need You

K.Will’s I Need You is from his third mini album, I Need You, released last February 13.


Actually, these are not his teaser photos. This are his concept photos. But otherwise, I don’t know into which section will I put them, so I’ll rather put them here. Let me say something about him in this photos. According to news, K.Will lost 5 kg for this album. Well, I consider that good ’cause I can’t even lose 1 kg.

Ok. I don’t know this kid. But he somehow did a great job being on the teaser video. In here, the boy seems to be lost. Lost in a way that something is incomplete of him. He’s crying because of this. It seems that it hurts a lot. And as it shows, it seems that he is looking for / missing the girl he loves. He even said the phrase, “Eodiseo?” (which is the only Korean word I understood there) which means “Where are you?” or something like that. It gives you the feeling that the boy needs the girl and he’ll crash without her. So all in all, the teaser video was very well done. It gives you the feeling of what the song will be. I need you, as K.Will said. The boy needs the girl. I need you. Thus, I’m rating the teaser 8.5-9 out of 10.

Story Review

Actually, the story is kind of confusing. If you already watch the music video, the girl (which is Bora) left the boy (name, Ji Chang Wook) then suddenly when the boy turns into some direction, Bora will show up again as if it’s magic. The story just cleared up when Ji Chang Wook closed his eyes…

and turned into…

Well, it appears that this boy is the younger version of the adult guy. And it’s as if Ji Chang Wook had this imagination of his past. The past where he and Bora met and became lovers. And until now, they retained that relationship. At first, I was really confused of the things that is going on in the MV. I don’t know what’s the point of Bora suddenly showing up from different direction after leaving in the opposite direction. Get the point?

How near is the music video to the MV? Well, it’s somehow near ’cause the young boy was there. And you could see the same expression with Ji Chang Wook whenever Bora will be gone or will leave. It’s just that maybe they should have placed a clip just like the teaser whereas the boy is looking for the girl desperately. The MV only shows a very short period of those scenes. When Bora leave, she’ll come back from another place immediately. So there isn’t enough time to show the same emotions from the teaser.



언젠가 너와 눈을 맞추고 앉아
지난 얘기들 웃으면서 하고 싶어
아직도 우린 눈을 마주칠 땐 어색하지만
몇 년 동안 하지 못한 얘기들을

우린 왜 그리 눈물이 많았는지 행복했던 날 또 아쉬웠던 날에도
준비했던 날 기다렸던 날 뜨거운 가슴을 느끼고
삼키지 못하고 같이 눈물 흘렸어

* 늘 지금처럼만 내 곁에 있어주겠니
너로 인해 울고, 너때메 웃고 너때메 사는 날
지켜봐줄래 그 마음 그대로 내 곁에
저 하늘에 별처럼 항상 내 맘에 빛을 내려줘..

가끔 외로워 고개 숙일 때마다 니가 있어서 내 맘은 위로를 받아
세상에 많은 빛을 내는 사람 그 안에 니가 사랑한 사람
그게 나라는게 떨리도록 감사해

* 반복

알아 언젠가 시간이 지나면 니 맘이 나를 떠날지 몰라..
비록 그런 날이 온다 해도 지금처럼 널 위한 노래 할거야

영원히 네곁에 내가 서있게 해줄래
부끄럽지 않게 후회하지 않게 널 위해 노래할게
늘 지금처럼 그 마음 그대로 머물러 날 놓지 말아줄래
네 곁에 내가 있을 수 있게 영원히 내 곁에 있어줄래


eonjenka neowah nuneul majchu-go anja
jinan yaegideul useumyeonseo ha-go shipeo
ajikdo urin nuneul majuchil ttaen eosaekhajiman
myeoch nyeon dongan haji mothan yaegideu-reul

urin waeh keuri nun-mu-ri manha-nneunji haengbo-khaet-deon nal tto ashwiiwot-deon na-redo
junbihaet-deon nal gidaryeot-deon nal tteugeoun gaseumeul neukgigo
samgiji motha-go kachi nun-mul heullyeosseo

* neul chigeumcheoreomman nae gyeote isseojuge-nni
neoro inhae ul-ko, neottae-me utko neottae-me saneun nal
jikyeobwah-ju-llae keu ma-eum keudaero nae gyeote
jeo haneu-re byeolcheoreom hangsang nae mame biteul naeryeojwo..

kakkeum wehrowo ko-gae sugil ttae-mada ni-ga isseoseo nae mameun wiiroreul bada
sesange manheun biteul nae-neun saram keu ane ni-ga sarang-han saram
keuge naraneunke tteollidorok kamsahae

* repeat

ara eonjenka shi-gani chinamyeon ni mami nareul tteonal-ji molla..
birok keureon nari onda haedo chigeumcheoreom neol wiihan norae hal-keoya

yeongwonhi negyeote nae-ga seoitke haeju-llae
bukkeureob-ji anhke huhwehhaji anhke neol wiihae norae-hal-ke
neul chigeumcheoreom keu ma-eum keudaero meomu-lleo nal noh-ji maraju-llae
ne gyeote nae-ga isseul su itke yeongwonhi nae gyeote isseoju-llae


When I heard your greeting asking how I was doing
My heart that I held back became hot again
And I asked myself for a long time if this was really the you that I’ve known for so long

I was happy to hear your voice for the first time in a year
When you said you missed me, tears kept falling
Did you hurt as much as I did too?

* I need you, I need you
Even if a year passes, if ten years pass, I am the same
I’m a person who didn’t forget even for a single day
It needs to be you, you are my love
I can’t go on without you, I need you

I look at you as I walk and look again
I look at your hand, tightly holding mine
I let go of it and hold it again, smiling like a fool
We were so small and happy, it was better that we were together
I only think of those kinds of things – why didn’t we know back then?

* repeat

I will run to you now and hold you in my arms
I’m running out of breath, I will shout till it overflows

I need you, I need you
A hundred times, a thousand times, I will love you
I won’t ever let you go again
I won’t leave you because you are my love
I will promise you that I will love you forever till I die


Hanggul: Site for Latest Korean Music Album Lyrics

Romanized: Site for Latest Korean Music Album Lyrics

English: Infotaip


2 thoughts on “K.will (케이윌) : I Need You

  1. Sorry. Can you explain again about the story? Why does Bora suddenly dissappear and appear again from other side? Is Bora leaving or Bora appearing his imagination?

    • Hi! So I did this MV review in 2012 and it’s 2015 already. And somehow, I’m still kind of confused. But none the less, I tried to understand the MV as how I am now.

      I think it’s more of a metaphor. Bora is the ultimate love Ji Changwook has (at least in this MV). And the re-appearing of Bora represents the need Ji Changwook has for Bora, hence the title “I Need You”. It is something like, whatever love comes and goes for the guy, it would only be this specific girl and ONLY her that would really make him happy or satisfied or feel good about the relationship and in love. She may leave but since the guy needs her (lyrics says, “It needs to be you, you are my love, I can’t go on without you, I need you”), the person who the guy would be happy with and fall in love with is the girl. It has to be her. No one else. So leaving and arriving of Bora.

      So yes. I think that’s that. I hope that helps. :)

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