I’m So In Demand! Gosh!

It’s not that I’m popular or something. It’s just that most people are depending on me. Why? They consider me the smartest in class. In my first semester, we are two that are competing for the number 1 position. But now, she didn’t enrolled and I’m the one that was left. Then, recently, my classmates found the Dean’s List where the best where featured and have chance to get a discount from our tuition. From all the students of BS Psychology, I got the highest rank. I even outwit the higher year. I’m the first in the list. So most of my classmates make it a big matter even though I don’t really mind it ‘cause I didn’t used the discount. But they said I’m the best so they are telling that I would be capable of doing all those things.

Let me enumerate those things I’m busy for:

First, I need to make choreography for my group in Filipino. We have this topic where we discussed Humanities. It includes the topic Dance. And my brilliant professor assigned us to dance all Filipino songs where we need to mix them up and make choreo and such. They mainly depend on me for the choreo. And since I’m the only one who somehow knew how to mix music, I’m also the one who mixed for our group. The presentation will be on Saturday and the whole dance isn’t finished yet. And I need to finish them before tomorrow. So I’ll be on extreme hurry on that.

Second, I’m the class president of the class. And yeah, it’s for the same reason that they found me very responsible and industrious that they voted me as their president. And recently, the group where psychology students belong (LPU Psychology Society) is cooperating with the same group that is from LPU Manila. (I’m from LPU Cavite.) And they are planning to have a two day seminar (whereas we will only attend one of them) and the president of the group only relies on me to spread the word and do what needs to be done and such and such. I pass all of their messages and I do what they told to do. And they always call. And may I remind you that it’s always during classes. So I need to go out of the class every time they’ll call. And I hate it. I’m having my exam freaks! No. Really. I don’t like them calling me during classes. I don’t like it.

Third, this coming Wednesday, my school is having this mass. (I’m not Catholic. I’m Born Again Christian.) Since I’m the president, I am the one to give the offer for the mass that will represent our class. I bought two wines and I don’t care whatever they’ll use it for. All I know is that the priest drinks this during mass and he is the only one drinking it. Besides, I bought the sweet ones so that he’ll not have a say that it’s bitter and he won’t like the taste.

Fourth, on Saturday, the same day that we will be performing our dance for Filipino, we will be performing a role play of the functions, happenings or whatever inside the cell. And that’s a heck of busy. We planned on doing a musical play but not all of it has music. We already discussed the story that we will do but haven’t really done anything yet that will show the progress. And once again, I’m assigned to make the script for it! I’ll tell you on my fifth on why they see potential on me doing the script. Well, I told them I can’t. I have so much to do and I can’t fit it with my super busy busy schedule. But we still need to do our props. So that’s another job.

Fifth, before we had a presentation in one of my subjects and I did a super great job in presenting it. It looked like FB Chat and SMS at the same time. And I’m the only one who did all of it. And that includes the script. So my professor in the same subject is planning a Twitter drama. It’s like having a conversation or script something in Twitter. And since he liked the presentation I did, he assigned me as the script head writer. So yeah, another job.

Last but not the least, the youth ministry I belong in my church was planning to have a Youth Night. As one of the officers, I’m also responsible in making it happen. Although it’s not really that disturbing in my mind, it still add up to the things I need to do.

So, that’s that. I’m not really sure if the things I need to do will end until there but those are the tasks I could think of right now. Wish me luck and hope that my mind won’t blow away with all these things I need to do.


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