I’m Officially Back!

It has been long since I last updated this blog. Yes. It’s only been weeks and others are even updating theirs after a month or two. But for me, it’s been long. Besides, the last update is also a short update. I mean I’m not being regular like I promised in my New Year’s Resolution. (Leave that topic out ‘cause I’m not really fulfilling all of it.)

But now, I’m officially back! In my other blog, I tried to alter to background, fonts and features. But here, I can’t do that. For me to change the fonts, I still need to pay something. I don’t like to change my theme ‘cause I’m afraid I’ll have to repeat every formatting I did and I’m too lazy to do that again. The only thing I did here that I also did in my other blogs is to put an audio player. I tried to put one and found some help here too. But I have to download something and unzip it and I don’t already. There are steps and I don’t know how to do that. I also tried to use players I found in net and I really don’t know how to do it! LOL! It’s just too complicated and I’m too lazy to do it. So discard that plan for the blog. But I sincerely wanted to have an audio player. I just can’t.

I would like to inform you that this post was made in advance. Why? It’s because I’m too busy today (Sunday) to go in front of the computer and blog for long. Why again? I have a lot’s to do starting today. What are those? I’ll tell you at another post but let me tell you that it’s A LOT!!! For a normal person, I’m busy and I don’t look like it. So that’s bad. I’m busy, I should look busy. ‘Cause if I’m not, it means I’m just feeling busy but I’m not really busy. Get the point? Besides, I should start doing those things since some of them are due this week. No, not all of them are projects. But most of them are.

But no worries! I’m decided and my decision is to be back and go fulfilling whatever I should be doing. And that includes me blogging regularly and daily. I will try my best to do JLyrics every time a Kpop music video was released. It’s just that sometimes I don’t know the band and they don’t appeal to me that it makes me lazy to do it. But I’ll try my best to know them. I’m planning on making another post of says JL by Monday or Tuesday. I haven’t been wondering about anything these past few weeks. I don’t have something to say yet. And that reminds me of Valentine’s Day! And that’s on Tuesday! So maybe I’ll just have says JL on Tuesday.

So starting today, expect that you’ll see a daily post by no other than me. See yah!


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