Mission SUCCESS!

So you see… I was really busy yesterday that the post I have for yesterday was posted only today and was just dated yesterday. What am I busy for? Well, I’m making my group’s presentation. And I’m the only one doing it. I’m not having any grudges against them because they didn’t do anything. In fact, I’m the one who volunteered to do it alone. It’s just that I always do that. I always tire myself up to do everything when other people could do it with me.

Going back to the topic, we have a presentation in one of our subjects. The chapter that we will be presenting is very long thus we divided its parts into the class’ groups. We got the second scene. I got this idea that instead of role-playing (which I really really hate ‘cause I’m no good actress too!), we will be using PowerPoint. The idea is as if the characters are chatting into each other using sms or Facebook chat. And for it not be boring, I used some memes from 9gag.

I made this thing for more or less 20 hours. Yes. I made it for that long. Well, there were breaks whereas my mother made me do things or I eat stuff or rest from using the computer. But pretty much, everything was a long process. I started for around 8 in the morning. I finished everything up around 4 in the morning. Yes. I slept super late. I think my eyebags became really black and I could see a panda if I look in the mirror.

So we are presenting already. We got everything I need for the presentation: speakers, vga (which I always call avg) and my father’s laptop (oh yes! my father let me use and bring it to school!). When everyone sees my presentation (I’m owing it!), they were kind of puzzled how the thing was made. They were having fun too while watching the presentation.

I was pretty much contented on how everything went because even my professor praised it. But after the presentation, he asked us, which means me. It’s almost perfect! He just asked something that is nonexistent in our report. How am I supposed to answer that? But anyways, I don’t care since compared to others, I think we (or I) got the highest grade. I just hope he announced it so that I’ll be more contented.

Anyways, I considered my mission passed! :D


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