I wanted to tell everyone that I’M NOT A GOOD WRITER!!! I could write and make things up into a composition or an article but I’m not super good at it. Sometimes, things that I write are nonsense and just go around one point without even having the real point.

 Why am I telling this suddenly? Well, it’s because… Okay. Let me tell it to you from the start. Before, when I was in third year high school, my teacher required us to have a blog. So I made one in Blogger and it really sucks. I really have no interest in making one. And since we were required to blog weekly or daily before, I just make things up by making posts in my computer and not really posting it in the site.

 I tried to revive it during my fourth year high school. I even titled my blog “Maybe It’s Today!” since I’m hoping that the blogging I really hadn’t had the interest before became interesting for me now. Maybe that day would be start of my blogging days. I was not sure if it was during the burial of the Philippine former president Corazon Aquino or the declaration of her son, current president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino. But I didn’t make it through. I told in the first post in that blog that I wish I could continue after that post. But I didn’t. That was the first and last post I had for that blog. I had the wrong title. It should have been “Maybe Only Today!”

 I only started to really blog during my summer in 2011. That is the time that I finished up high school. And I’m going to start college. Maybe it’s because everything will be new that I started blogging already. It’s a new life and along with it is some few changes. I named my blog “me + ako” since everything that I’m going to post is all about me, my thoughts, what I’m trying to say, my feelings, my acts and everything that is mine. I started posting everyday and continued on everyday. I miss out some days or even a month but would still go back in blogging. I was already used to blogging that it became my daily habit and routine.

 I was proud that I have one and I’m constantly blogging there everyday. My friend suggested that I shall make a WordPress blog since it’s another blogging site that is really popular. So thinking over and over again, I made one. But the thing there is that what I’m going to post in one blog will also be posted at the other blog. Every post is the same. I used the same blog title I had with Blogger, “me + ako”. I also have the same url, meplusako@[blogspot or wordpress].com. But I had a problem with my WordPress account. Everything is a mess. I don’t know how to start things up. And when I already started, things are not organized. It’s fine for me at first because I thought I could not fix it up anymore. Until I found a beginner guide in the site, I thought I could fix my account in WordPress. Thinking that it would just be fine if I’ll erase the blog I already have on the site, I erased it. It was then that I realized that the url I used will can’t be used again even though you already erased the blog. So having no choice, I thought of another url. I thought of “equalsjl.[blogspot or wordpress].com”. Come to think of it. It’s an equation. me +_ako = jl I was just not sure if people who would read my blog be able to find it easily since the blog title and it’s url are different. But I care not for I have no other choice.

 So here goes the main point. These past few weeks, I found other bloggers who is either from my current university or from my former high school (where it started too from a project just like me). I found a blog of my former schoolmate in highschool. And she was good. Her blog looks great. Well, she’s part of the school’s newspaper writers so I wasn’t really surprised that she is a good one. And I have a friend that is a blogger but used Tumblr as her blog. She was using our native language which helps her post be more interesting and better and things like that. I don’t know why. But every time I would see a blog that owns by someone I knew, I feel that there is a comparison between my blog and theirs. Which is better? And most of the time, they win. Not because their blog looks better but because their posts are better.

 So I’m telling everyone that I’m not a good writer and I just tell things I like to say. So if you ever see something wrong with my posts and if ever you won’t like the look of my blog, I’m going to tell you I’m not a professional blogger! But seriously, I want to be a very good writer and very good blogger! :(


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