Another GIG!

Few days ago, specifically three days ago, there was this big event in our school. Well, not that big. There is a contest among the students  and after that, there is a mini-concert. And it’s only among us students and few outsiders which the students invited. So it’s not really that big. I attended that one and went home later than usual. But it’s fine with me. I super enjoyed it.

And today, I’m going to attend to another event held at school. It’s not a contest or a mini-concert anymore. This time, there is this film showing where as each film was made by a student. There is a total of four mini-movies to be showed. The ticket only costs 10 pesos. The show starts at 4 PM (which is already late afternoon for our country) and expecting to be done by around 5:30 to 6 PM.

Right at this very moment, I am at the E-Lib or Electronic Library of our school. Fortunately, I was able to use WordPress here since the WiFi is working better that it’s usual. So, I was able to report to you this event. There are four entries in this event: Ana, Arapaap, Tsokolate, and Nilagang Mani. The one titled Arapaap is the one that my current classmates made. So we went there as support to them since it is also the only entry that the whole psychology students body has.

Since I’m not yet watching it, I obviously don’t know yet what is the story of each mini-movie. But I know I wouldn’t be disappointed. Well, I wish and hope I won’t. But if ever I’ll be, it’s just fine. At least, there was an additional bonding for me and my friends who will also attend the film fest. After all, it’s just 10 pesos. So, it won’t really be disturbing. But again, I don’t wish to be disappointed. xD I hope the film fest will be super good and will make me enjoy it.


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