Pain in Loving

I made this short poem few days ago. Well, I’m a little inspired so I did it. It’s not so good and I’m admitting it. I’m not that good at writing stuff but somehow I could write. So yeah. I wish you like it.

You have her now

She has you

I’ll have no one

But the thought of you 

Loving me back

I know it’s impossible

I must be crazy

Out of my mind 

I know it’s not right.

I know it’s forbidden

But I can’t stop

Without me hurting

 But how could I, how could I

Stop my heart from loving you

Should I end it up

And stop it from beating

For a perfect man like you

Or should I just go on

And give myself more pain

For I love you

 I chose to love you

And now I’m in pain

I care not

This is the pain in loving you


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