Hello Ghost (2010) K-Movie

I am fond of these movies now. I find them linked to each other. And I found this super wonderful movie again. It is…

Hello Ghost

I couldn’t find an English subbed trailer in YouTube so please, let it pass for now.

But if you really couldn’t take it… Well, watch it in here.

And for you to watch it full and with English Subs…

The movie is so nice. Sang Man, the main guy, tries to kill himself using many ways. But after he tried to jump in the river and was saved, he started seeing ghosts. Actually, four ghosts: A heavy smoker, a crybaby lady, a pervert grandpa, and a super greedy in food kid. He wanted to lose them off but can’t unless he grant their last wishes. Along with the journey, he found a girl that became the reason for him to live. At the end… Well, find out by watching the movie! xD

Enjoy! :D


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