The Married Life I Would Probably Have

These past few months, weeks and days, I have been saving money for three main things. First, that is my regular savings which I could use every time I feel like buying some things. Second, my burial, I don’t want to die yet, but I save money for that. I don’t want to leave this earth with my family having debts just for my burial. I know it sounds weird but I’m just futuristic. Third, another futuristic thing, my wedding. I know I’m a girl and it’s a custom that the boys will be the one spending in a wedding. So what? It doesn’t mean I can’t give any contribution. Besides, I don’t want my future husband to be poor just because I want my wedding to be like this or like that. Get the point?

Besides for the fact that I’m already saving for my wedding, some times I even think of how I will be if I married. Well, not really like that. Almost like that. Whenever I could see my crush or someone I liked before or my ex-boyfriend, it always comes to my mind the situation that I would be in if ever I’ll marry that person. It just comes to my mind. Example, this morning I saw my ex-boyfriend. The thing that enters my mind is “What if I really end up with him? What would be my situation if I married him?” Yup! It is those questions that pop up to my mind whenever I see my crush or person I like or my ex’s. And last time, too, I saw my crush. It were the same questions. “What if I really end up with him? What would be my situation if I married him?” And to answer my question, “It’s quite nice. He’s smart. But I’m not sure if he’ll get THE JOB that will make me like my family now. Hmmm. Maybe not him.” xD

It’s just the questions comes to me naturally and I think it’s not bad to prepare for the fur


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