Goodbye 2011! Hello 2012!

It is already 2012!!! I think this is the first time that I’m happy I’m celebrating the New Year, except the times when I was a kid. I’m so thankful for the past year and I’m very much ready to face 2012 with a reformed life.

While eating our food for the New Year’s Eve, my sister asked if my 2011 has been fine. I just laughed at the question. Never in my life that I expected such question. But otherwise, I still answered it. Thinking about it, I can’t remember the me that is having fun in the mall or going around the place that is outside my house or school or church. My life pretty much revolved around it.

The past 2011… Hmmm… What did I do in the past 2011? Well, I spend the first months of 2011 in my research for the completion of my last year in high school. We need it. And I really cried because my research was rejected then. But still, I got through with it. The last months of my last year was spent for that. Then the rest of the year was also given in studying, but this time for college. My whole year was given for studying. And I think it’s just fine. It had good results after all. I had graduated with my finished research. I’m always on the top in my class this college.

But I guess I shouldn’t be focusing too well on it. I need to enjoy life. And with my New Year’s Resolution, I will enjoy my life! Less on studies but always on top! YEAH!

Oh! And by the way, Hello 2012!


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