That Dream

My mind seems so blank today. I wanted to blog about my day because there haven’t been a problem yet. I haven’t got angry or furious. So I think I could consider this day a good one. But when I think of today, my mind gives me nothing about it. All that it provides and reminds me of is the dream I had yesterday.

I slept late yesterday. Around 2:30 AM already. Yet, I slept well and I even had a dream. Once in a while I would wake up from sleep. I could remember what my dream is. And it makes me smile.

I was walking with my parents to my sister’s location. I don’t know if it is a school or something. I never gone into that place. But somehow, I’m familiar with it. It has some parts of my former elementary school but some parts of it is from my current school. So I think it’s a school. We went where my sister is. I saw one of my professors. Then we called to my sister and she came. It was then I realized that we are all in white. Everyone of us was also surprised. We laughed about it. Then I saw a guy. I think he is my friend since I know him. I told him I’ll be going. He told me to wait. He seems to go somewhere. But then, I still left. The way to the gate was long. There were trees on the way. Then I reached the gate and left. Then, in my dream, the guy came outside. He is running. He stopped outside the gate, looking for me. When he can’t find me, he held out the two pairs of hair pin in his hands. Then CUT! Yeah. I woke. I slept again for the dream to continue.

When the dream resumed, I was already walking out to the street out of the school. The way outside is not that big. It’s dark and cold. I walked, not afraid that it’s dark and cold. I walked and walked. I seem lost. Then I went to another gate. I walked out and found the street already. There are two ways, to right and left. My right was a dead end. So, left with no choice, I walked to the left. Then CUT! again. I woke up again. I tried to think about it. Then I slept again.

This time I’m in a room. It seems a hotel room since there is this really big mirror in the wall. And in the hotel rooms that I have been, there is always that big mirror. I was on really short shorts and a t-shirt. Then the guy before gave me the hair pins. Then I went to try it. Then I suddenly went to him. I asked him if he really know I want a pin. He didn’t answer. Then I went in the mirror. And I girl that I think I know talked to me. She told me something. (I’m not telling what she told me…It’s too private! xD) I just laughed at her. Then the next thing I know is I’m outside the hotel room and in a stair that can view the outside. It’s windy. I’m with him. He is somehow close to me. He sweetly smiled to me. I smiled too. Then my mother totally waked me up, messing my dream. It ended there.

Actually, it is not the story I’m thinking about. What keeps bothering me is the guy. Who could that guy be? Will someone like him come to me? Who is he? I’m thinking about a guy I don’t know who and what his face really looked like. I want to know him. WHO IS HE?


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