I Wonder If I Have a BOOM…

I have just finished reading the whole series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. And lately, I am starting to read the Harry Potter series. Both of this are fictional books. Books that were made out of the author’s wild imagination. Books that tell things that are fantasies and never will be true. Books that have stories of magic!

Well, not literally magic. When you tell a Filipino the word magic, the first thing that will enter in his mind is a clown on a kid’s party doing those petty magic. At least, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. Magic isn’t the right term. Power? But when you say ‘power’, the first thing in my mind is Superman or other people in the Justice League! I don’t really know what to call it. Something between X-Men, Justice League, gods from Mythology, witches and wizards from Harry Potter and magicians. Hmmm…in this discussion, only in this discussion, let’s call that thing “BOOM!” You know? Wizards and magicians produce that sound when they perform their things. Superheroes have that sound too when they transform from their human and normal self into superheroes. It’s somehow like that.

So I just wonder if I have a BOOM. I’m thinking if it would be like the wizards and witches like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Or would I be a demigod just like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Or maybe I could be a mutant just like Jean Gray, Cyclopes or Storm that will just explore my BOOM when I reach this certain age. And if you know the cartoon The Incredibles, something like that! Or something! I have a fanfic that I was reading and part of the story where I have the powers of both fire and water/ice. Really?! I don’t know what BOOM would I choose and have whenever I have the chance. It would be heck difficult.

 If I would have BOOM, I like something that is very different from others. I want it unique. Something like super super super really super rare in hundreds of centuries. Like you could count in your one hand our number in this world. Like it’s super special and important BOOM.

 I saw something on the internet and it indicates some of the BOOM and it was labelled if super common, common, rare, quite rare, super rare, and ultra rare. I remembered one BOOM that is ultra rare and that was controlling time. You could manipulate time: go back, stop, go to the future. But I think it isn’t a good idea. I think the only nice thing in it was to stop or pause time. See, if you could go back to the past or to the future, life wouldn’t be exciting. You would know what would happen. No excitement. You can go back and change sad times into good ones. Not good. Too much happiness will make you crazy. The only good idea about it is pause the time. You could treasure more of the good times and make it a really special memory in your mind. And if you’re done, move on. Pause again if you want to treasure something.

 But I guess, God must be really really really super super really super ultra smart. Think of it. If people in this world would have BOOM, there would be evil. People will try to get their selves on top of others and they would fight and would be really bad. There are enough bad things in this world without BOOM. What if there is? Even though people say that BOOM will save the day, I think it’s still not good. People will only rely on them and let them do things reasoning out that they are like that so they must do it, something like that. You get the point. It’s just making life fair and equal. And it is super better that way. Don’t you think?

 So I guess BOOM will just stay on books and movies. BOOM will just be in Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Superman, or Power Puff Girls. And BOOM will stay there. Only there.


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