Why is it every time that I would be so inspired to write things for my blog it is the time that I don’t have any internet connection? DARN! So at this moment, it is December 28 and 10:25 PM on my clock.

 Right now, I’ll only write the draft. And when you see this published, it means it was after a day or another or sometime when I already have an internet connection. Actually, I could always access to the internet but that means I have to open and use my computer. I’m using my father’s laptop to write this. I have it on my room, stuck there in case I like to do something. And I’m just secretly writing this since they really don’t know I’m actively blogging. So, I couldn’t really use the connection my computer is using since I still need to use some cords or something like that just to have internet connection. If I do that, my parents will just nag at me telling me it’s late and I still want to use the computer or something like that. It’s wiser to do like this. I just rely for my neighbour’s Wi-fi for me to have an internet access while using the laptop in my room. And right now, they already turned it off. So yeah! I can’t really have an internet connection at the moment.

 I’m so inspired to write for my blog. But the truth is I don’t really know what to say for this post. So maybe I’ll just be babbling random things which started just a while ago. Because I think I’ll just be saying random things, let me say another random thing. But somehow, it’s near and related. Whatever.

 I have this friend in my current class. And like me, she likes hanging around the net doing things and not only exploring people around Facebook. So we once talked about my blog. I’m proud that I’m blogging, and that it makes me busy everyday. But I’m not really telling them the link for my blog since I want this to be a private one. I don’t want someone I know telling people what I’m saying. Since this blog is where I put it all out because I can’t really say it them. Going back, she asked me if I’m blogging everyday. I told her yes. She asked again if it wouldn’t be boring and what would I talk or post everyday and wouldn’t I finish up the topics I like to say since I’m doing it everyday. I just told her that it could be boring sometimes but somehow interesting. What I’m saying have sense and some point so I think it won’t be boring at all. I don’t think people reading blogs aren’t really like those readers who should find something BOOM in the first few words. Then I also told her I don’t really end up finishing everything to say since I blog my daily life and my life didn’t really end up that instant. So I have really many things to say or talk about. Besides, I’m alive and kicking (not literally!). Freak out if I’m dead! But how cool is that if I’m a zombie and I would still be blogging? I would name my blog “I’m A Real Zombie!” I doubt if readers would really believe it! xD


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