E-Books On The Go!

It is already 12:57 AM on my clock when I was writing this. There wasn’t really internet connection but I really wanted to report to you guys how happy and excited I am. Besides, I didn’t post last Christmas day and yesterday. So I’m writing today, in the middle of the night. And if the time that I published this isn’t really matched with the time I’m saying, it means that it was just then that I had the chance to post it.

I know I shouldn’t be happy about this simple thing but I am. So here it is. I have a fake phone. It’s BB and it is obviously fake. You know? In Philippines, there is this thing called China phone and when you call your phone like that, it means it’s fake. Not really produced by the manufacturers of the real and original BB. So in my fake phone, I have an E-book reader. Do you know what e-books are? They are books but they are on the format of a document or a pdf or something like that. It’s a soft copy of a book. Moving on, I don’t really know how to fix things in that application. I tried before but the thing is, it’s either I can’t open it or it’s in Chinese. So I never really tried to transfer any e-book again to my phone.

But lately, my sister bought a real BB. (Yeah! She is a working student and she uses the money to buy her stuff since my parents are the one paying her tuition and school stuff.) And some time yesterday or last yesterday, she transferred an e-book to her phone making me envy her and reasoning out that hers was the real BB so maybe since mine was fake, the app won’t really function how I want it to. But this morning, I really wanted to do it. So I tried again. I was really determined to make it work. I tried to transfer to my phone three formats first, a pdf, word and text. So I passed it to my phone. The pdf format definitely didn’t work. Then I tried the text. It opened. But the problem is it’s in Chinese. So I explored the settings and saw the “Encoding” thing. I don’t know what it is so I explored it. I made the “Encoding” into the whatsoever called UTF-8. When I tried to open the e-book again, it was on English already! YEAH! I was so happy I know how to make the app work.

I know the thing was simple. But I’m just simple. And simple things make a simple person happy. YEAH! xD And I just finished reading the last book of the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians! And in my phone! OH YEAH! And I just transferred to my phone again the seven books of Harry Potter! I was planning to read it. I was reading it a long time ago and I don’t know where I finished. So I’m planning to reread all of it! LOL! xD So be everyone! :D


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