Vacation, Finally!

Hello everyone!

I’m back! Yipee! Well, I didn’t post anything these last few days. I had my prelim exams and I’ve been studying well. But now, I’m back! I started my vacation yesterday but I was so busy yesterday so I can’t post anything. The reason for me to be busy? It’s not actually busy. Just, not able to. It was my father’s birthday yesterday. We went to the hotel he is working in and we ate lunch and we went around Manila and that’s makes me so tired! I’m seriously freaking tired yesterday. So instead of starting to post again yesterday, I just started today.

So back to the vacation topic!

Actually, I don’t want to have my vacation. It’s not that I don’t want to rest. It’s just, I don’t like staying at home all those days. When I have school, I will be able to do more stuff. Thus, it will make me busy. Besides, I still need to talk to the vice president and president of my org, League of Psychology Students (LEAPS). And to do that, I need to be in school since I really can’t contact them when it’s not in school. But, when I’m at home, all I will do is wake up in the morning, eat, then do chores, do some things in the net, sleep, eat, do chores, clean myself and sleep. I’ll go through that everyday, nothing new. And I don’t like that. So boring. But what can I do? Vacation is vacation. And I need to enjoy because it’ll be long before another like this will come. I guess I have no other choice. =.=


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