Relationship: Who has more right to break up?

People may say that I’m not suited to be saying such stuff since I only had three relationship and two of them wasn’t really considered one. But think of it. What I’m going to say may be right.

In this times, people say that it’s just fine that the girls will be the suitors for the boys they like. But it’s not the usual case. In the Philippines, it has to be the guy to take the first move. When girls do that, they consider themselves to be easy. You know. Easy take. So, it would be normally the boys to take the first move.

In that case, boys are the one to court the girls. It is the boys that will make the girls fall in love to them. They will make efforts for the girl to notice them and like them.It is the boys who make the girl fall in love. If that is the case, boys should be ashamed if they are the one to break up with the girl. It would be wrong if they hurt the girl when they are the one who make her fall in love with them. It’s just wrong.

But, every rule has its exemption. That is if the girls are the reason for the boys to do the first move. Get it? What I mean is that the girls are the first one to have the feelings. Boys knew it. Then they have decided to court them since it’s the right thing to do. Because they know it would be wrong if the girls would do so. Thus both of them have the right to break up in the relationship.

My thoughts here are all opinion of mine. But this thoughts of mine could be applicable and maybe perfect in many situations in a normal person’s life.


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